The stuff we do


Spinning around

AcroYoga L-basing flow with a lot of spins and rotations that will challenge your space and body awareness. Enjoy playing with it!

Standing counterbalancing

You need to lean fully with your whole body in order to find the perfect spot. And for that, you have to trust each other.

The Hip Twister

Sometimes you have to put yourself into a vulnerable position in order to accomplish something extraordinary. And you have to believe that your partner will do their job at the right time. When we were creating this machine we have already had enough moves and wanted to go back to the starting point (reverse star), so we have tried this ridiculous rotation in side star and then going into reverse star. Thats why we called it "The Hip Twister".

Movement Flow

Movement flow /5/

Floating in space, using the floor, finding the possibilities of our bodies.

Neverending movement flow

This flow is made of 32 movements from level 1 training by Slava Goloubov.