AcroYoga for everyone!

- by Marek Petráček -


Events 2021

12.12. 2021

AcroYoga FunDamentals

3 hours intro workshop to AcroYoga. Suitable for beginners, in beautiful Prague Yoga Collective studio.

Events 2022

26. - 29.5. 2022

AcroMove retreat

4 days retreat with 4 amazing teachers at beautiful venue near Prague. Program full of AcroYoga, Movement flow, handstands, Thai massage and more! Come find new inspiration for your practice!

1. - 17.8. 2022

AcroYoga Gang Teacher Training

Join us for 15 days of training, playing and learning how to teach and share this amazing practice with others! Happening in August 2022 in Fussen, Bavaria with great team of teachers!

Classes and more

Usually we have weekly classes for beginners and intermediate students. We also organize workshops and retreats. Private classes are always possible. Contact us to get detailed info 🙂 We teach AcroYoga, Handstands and Movement Flow.

Current classes (possible drop in): Wed 20:00 AcroYoga beginners, Thu 17:30 AcroYoga beginners/intermediate, Thu 19:00 AcroYoga Intermediate

Acro Jam: Tue 10:00


AcroYoga is a combination of partner acrobatics, yoga and therapy in the form of thai massage and therapeutic flying. Its really enjoyable practice for couples, friends, groups... Every teacher has an unique approach and likes to teach different material. At AcroProject we like to teach L-basing and also creative standing stuff like dance acro and lifts. Acro is a great tool to develop better communication, awareness of ones body and also flexibility and strenght. You will learn to overcome fears and go past the limits of your mind. 

My name is Marek Petráček and I am a long-time AcroYoga teacher. I have done two AY teachers trainings (International, Montreal) and have a lot more experience in this field.

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Video gallery - our Flows

DragonFly Flow

AcroYoga Dragonfly flow has some creative and challenging transitions. This was part of a material we have covered during Prague City Intensive. Have fun 🙂

Spinning around

AcroYoga L-basing flow with a lot of spins and rotations that will challenge your space and body awareness. Enjoy playing with it!

Stars Flow

We have taught this flow at Prague City Intensive. There are lot of stars and side stars transitions, therefore Stars flow 🙂 Play with it safely and have fun!

Standing counterbalancing

You need to lean fully with your whole body in order to find the perfect spot. And for that, you have to trust each other.

The Hip Twister

Sometimes you have to put yourself into a vulnerable position in order to accomplish something extraordinary. And you have to believe that your partner will do their job at the right time. When we were creating this machine we have already had enough moves and wanted to go back to the starting point (reverse star), so we have tried this ridiculous rotation in side star and then going into reverse star. Thats why we called it "The Hip Twister".

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