Movement Toolbox

- Movement Toolbox -

Online program for the whole body!

Do you want to improve your middle / front split?

Do you want to get better hip, back, shoulders mobility?


Then this program is the right choice for you!


Movement Toolbox is a series of 9 routines that are focused on specific area or topic. It is a great tool for strength and flexibility development. And it's focused on balance between those two, so you will not be only doing passive stretches but also a lot of active flexibility drills to get strength in your range. Everything is well explained and showed, and you can easily practice with follow up videos where I do the routine in real time with all sets and reps.


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Movement Toolbox consists of

  • 9 routines focused on specific body parts
  • Suitable for beginners and also for movers
  • Explaining videos and follow up videos for each routine
  • Most of the routines have about 20 minutes, so they are shorter but intensive and effective
  • Front split & Middle split routine
  • Backbends routine
  • Wrists & shoulders routine
  • Leg strength and leg explosiveness routines
  • Upper body strength routine
  • Core routine
  • Evening stretching
  • Together 17 HD videos with more than 300 minutes of instruction
  • Printable PDF file with all routines (27 pages)
  • Everything is in English


You can get Movement Toolbox for only 999 Kč / 46 USD / 40 Euros! It's one time payment and then you have unlimited access to the program.

Its possible to buy as a gift for anyone. Just send me a message on

If you wouldn't be satisfied with the program for any reason, you can use this 14 days money back guarantee. Just send us an e-mail, you don't have to give any reason.

So you have nothing to lose 🙂

What do you need for this program?


Almost nothing. Just a free wall, little space. For some strengthening/ stretching excercises you will need socks and floor that slides 🙂



Buy this program if:


  • you want to work on specific mobility (like front/ middle split, wheel)
  • you are looking for short but effective routines where you will see progress
  • you like to practice at home
  • you are looking for tool to take care of your body


Please don't buy this program if:

  • no, I got nothing, it's really great 🙂

About me:


My name is Marek Petráček and I teach AcroYoga, handstands and Movement Flow. I've been working on these routines for some time, because I was trying to design short sequences focused on different body parts. I'm active pretty much all day, I teach classes during the day and in the evening. So besides my specialized trainings for Acro and Movement I was looking for a way how to support my body to thrive and feel well. And these routines are now necessary part of my practice. First I was just creating this for my practice but then I thougt that also others could benefit from this a lot... so here it is for you to enjoy 🙂