About me

Hey, my name is Marek Petráček and I've started with AcroYoga in the beginning of 2013 when I went to a rare acro workshop in Prague led by foreign teachers. I've loved it immediately, but after the workshop I didn't have a partner to train with and didn't know where to go. Next month I've gone to another workshop where I met Daniela. We started to train together in the park and at the jam. We have also decided to become certified teachers which we accomplished in the next year.

Beginnings were tough because we had same height, didn't have any gymnastics background and moreover there were no teachers here at that time. So we have been learning through Youtube videos, practised almost daily for 2-3 hours and after like 3 months we could do basic washing machines and transitions. It was highly ineffective but for us it was the only option. On the other hand thanks to these experiences I can help the students more and give them better cues.

Other challenge was to introduce AcroYoga to people in Czech republic. Until 2018 me and Daniela taught under the brand Lets Acro. During that time we have done AcroYoga Montreal teacher training, been to festivals and workshops etc. We have taught tens of courses, weekends and workshops. Next 2 years I was a part of Acromaniacs. I'm grateful for these partnerships and for having so many experiences thanks to them even the relationships were complicated sometimes. It helped me to create something I'm completely in harmony with and I'm looking forward to spread what I love.

As a certified AcroYoga teacher I've been teaching in Czech republic for 8 straight years and from the beginning I was helping with building the Prague community. Within AcroProject you can come to regular classes, weekend workshops and retreats. You can also have a private class. I also teach handstands and movement flow. There is already an online program for beginners to learn a handstand and more will come. I'm not giving a lot of importance to certificates, but I always look for programs that will help me become a better teacher and practitioner. I take it as a commitment to myself and people that I teach. Below you can see the courses that affected me the most on my way.

The best feeling during teaching is when I help somebody to overcome a fear and when people are able to do something they thought was impossible. In my practice and my classes I focus on building the progressions from easier drills to harder and more complex.

Under AcroProject you can find not only AcroYoga but also other projects from movement. I love to play with my limits and constantly work on new skills. There is always some work in progress! I always find new challenges and I will help you conquer yours!