AcroYoga for everyone!

- by Marek Petráček -


Open classes outdoor!

We are happy that we can start outdoor Acro and other classes. Info here or just send us a message!

You can also buy our first online program and start learning handstand!


AcroYoga is a combination of partner acrobatics, yoga and therapy in the form of thai massage and therapeutic flying. Its really enjoyable practice for couples, friends, groups... Every teacher has an unique approach and likes to teach different material. At AcroProject we like to teach L-basing and also creative standing stuff like dance acro and lifts. Acro is a great tool to develop better communication, awareness of ones body and also flexibility and strenght. You will learn to overcome fears and go past the limits of your mind. 

My name is Marek Petráček and I am a long-time AcroYoga teacher. I have done two AY teachers trainings (International, Montreal) and have a lot more experience in this field.

Co-teaching with

Doing AcroYoga since the fall of 2014 when local community in Brno started to form. After some time I´ve started to teach classes and have been helping with growing the community. I was teaching at Brno universities and created AcroYoga flash mob Brno. In acro I love the freedom of movement and playfullness, sharing the joy of overcoming fears with partner. I also like the therapeutic aspect of AcroYoga, which teaches us how to listen and feel the other person. Since 2017 I´ve been also performing (

Simona Hrušková

Yoga for me is the way how to discover myself, respect myself and trust my feelings. Have better understanding for myself and for others. Understand that everything has its process and its different with everyone. It has different intensity, speed and obstacles. Yoga teaches me to be patient. Yoga teaches me to slow down. Yoga teaches me to love myself the way I am. And AcroYoga? I´m not alone there. Its a teamwork. Communication, trust, playfullness and joy!

Classes & Events


Outdoor classes from 17. 5.

  • Tue 18:00 AcroYoga OPEN LEVEL
  • Wed 18:00 AcroYoga INTERMEDIATE
  • Sun 18:00 AcroYoga OPEN LEVEL
  • Mon 17:00 Handstands
  • Mon 18:30 Movement flow

Studio classes from 28. 5.

  • Thu 9:00 Movement flow
  • Fri 17:15 Handstands

Workshops & Retreats


  • 20. - 21.6. Prague City Intensive
  • 17. - 19.8. Handstand & Movement flow retreat
  • 20. - 23.8. Summer AcroProject Immersion
  • 5. - 6.9. Movement flow intensive ČB
  • 11. - 13. 9. Liberec: AcroYoga workshop
  • 18. - 20.9. Roots of AcroYoga

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Marek Petráček

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